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  • Please be aware that this event requires payment. Payments will be processed by Arian Brown. Please fill out registry information properly. if you have any issues with registering, please contact Arian at

  • If you do not Register or Pay, you will not be granted access to attend this event. We only accept Card payments.

  • Demo Requests: Please contact Miss Arian Brown at with all demo requests, amount of time, and etc. 

  • Payment Deadlines: Company is liable for contracted based on the following payment schedule: 
    - For Exhibitors: 50% due upon registration.
    - For Exhibitors: 100% due 45 days prior to the event (March 11, 2022).

    - We accept registrations up until April 25, 2022.

  • Discount applied upon your early registration.

  • Early registration cut off date is March 11, 2022.

  • If you have registered early but cancel your registration before March 11, 2022, you will be issued only a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued at any time after March 11th. 

  •  Please be aware that a card processing transaction fee (3%) will be applied to your registration payment. 



  • Free with ID Card (registration is required).

Civilians/Retired Military:

  • For 3-Day - $125

  • For 1 Day - $50

  • Fee Includes: 
    - Full access to Strike Challenge exhibitors, demonstrations, and social events.

    - Continental Breakfast with coffee bar at the Virginia International Raceway. Unlimited, no-fee, specialty coffee drinks.
    - On-site social for both (2) event evenings (Tuesday & Wednesday).


  • If you wish to sponsor, please check out the "Sponsorship Opportunity" form below. When filling out your Sponsorship form, be sure to select which sponsorship you would like to provide. Upload your filled Sponsorship Opportunity Form copy upon your registration. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Arian at


  • If you wish to be a vendor/exhibitor, please download the Exhibitor Information Form and fill out all necessary information required of you. Next, continue to registry and upload your filled form.

  • If you with to have your Product Assessed or Evaluated by Government Agents, please fill out the Quad Chart for your company, and upload it upon your registration.

  • If you do NOT fill out a Quad Chart for your company, your product will NOT be evaluated.

Note: The Strike Challenge social complies as Exemption under 5CFR2635 (as amended) and value does not exceed 50/50 Rule.​

Required Registry Forms 

Below are copies of the forms that you, the attendee, exhibitor, sponsor, or potential evaluator, will need to have completed before attending & registering for the Strike Challenge 2022 Technology Demonstration.

Waivers and Payments are required to be filled and signed properly. Exhibitor & Sponsors form are only required if you are an exhibitor and/or sponsor. Once forms are complete, please register. Waivers are to either be printed, signed and brought brought to check in at Strike Challenge location, or submitted via email at

Please note that if you have any issues submitting your information you can contact us at


If you have experience and/or expertise in the DOMOPS, Expeditionary Forces, First Responder, Special Operations Forces, or technology RDT&E area, please consider applying to help with evaluation of the demonstrated products by downloading and filling out the form "Evaluator Application." Once application is filled, upload your application below and continue to register. 

NOTE: The sponsors recognize that evaluators are providing support on a "voluntary" basis. As such, evaluator activities will be accomplished during normal event hours. Although, a "Hotwash" opportunity will be provided at the end of each day to review evaluation forms; this is not mandatory. Evaluation forms can be turned in to an IAC representative and reviewed at any time during the day.

If you wish to be an Evaluator, please download the Evaluator Application and email it directly to, then continue to registry. If you do NOT email your Evaluator Application form to, then you will not be considered an evaluator at the Strike Challenge Event.


Strike Challenge welcomes Exhibitors of all kinds. If you wish to have your product evaluated by Government Agents, please be sure to download and fill out the Quad Chart Form and upload it upon your registration. If you wish to be an Exhibitor and NOT get your product evaluated, then you can bypass the Quad Chart Form step. Please be aware that you will not get your product assessed & evaluated by a Government Agent unless you submit your Quad Chart Form upon your registration. 


For sponsor pricing and sponsor information, please contact Miss Arian Brown with RFH Tactical Mobility at

Please note that attendance space and participation is very limited. Pre-registration is required, and final attendance approval will be determined and granted by RFH Tactical Mobility []. 

Active Military & Government Agent Registration


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If you are registering as Military or Government agent, please provide your ID below. 

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Early registry ends March 11th, 2022

If you only pay 50% now, you will be charged the full 100% on March 11th, 2022.

Prices Include Early Registration 10% Discount + A 3% Card Processing Fee (Rounded to Nearest Dollar)*

Thank you for registering to attend RFH Tactical 2021 Strike Challenge.
If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact us at

Sponsor Registration


Please be sure to select one if the options in the Sponsorship Opportunity and Upload your selected Sponsorship, as well as your contact info, below.

In order to be a Sponsor for Strike Challenge 2022, please Upload your filled  "Sponsorship Payment Form" 

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Exhibitor Registration


If you wish to have your product evaluated by government agents, you must fill out the Quad Chart for your company

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Thank you for registering to attend RFH Tactical Mobility's Strike Challenge 2022 Technology Demonstration Event.

Please have your forms completed and ready to submit to Miss Arian at If you do not submit your filled forms to Miss Arian at that email address, she will prompt you to do so, via email, before accepting your registration.

If you have any questions please contact us at or call our office at 434-822-4201

Thank you!