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Hosted By RFH Tactical Mobility: rfhtacticalmobility.com


Strike Challenge 2022 offers U.S. industries the opportunity to present current and evolving domestic capability and specialized response equipment/systems for evaluation & presentation. 

This event encompasses interactive demonstrations of equipment specifically designed for emergency response, survivability, security, search & rescue, military, and government entities. Strike Challenge traditionally focuses on compact (man-pack and/or light mobility), efficient and advanced systems/equipage developed by industry to provide a force multiplier to light responders/specialized units or government agency conducting high consequence critical success missions.

& by RP Advance Mobile Systems: rpadvancedmobilesystems.com

We want to give vendors/exhibitors the opportunity to show off their equipment to Military Personnel as well as Government Agencies. So, we are pleased to announce that attending RFH Tactical Mobility's Strike Challenge will be: U.S Marshals, Homeland Security, The U.S. Air Force, on-site assessors conducting technology captured for DTIC submission and More.

If you wish to be a vendor/exhibitor at Strike Challenge, please visit the "Registration" page to register and learn more.

Racing For Heroes Fundraiser

RFH Tactical Mobility's Strike Challenge Technology Demonstration will be holding a fundraiser for Racing For Heroes and the soon to be Racing For Heroes Wellness Center. We encourage our vendors to participate in donating their featured equipment for a silent auction. All proceeds will go to Racing For Heroes (a 100% non-profit, veteran owned, organization). Fundraiser to be held on the 26th of April 2022. 

To learn more about Racing For Heroes and the Racing For Heroes Wellness Center, please check out racingforheroes.org


Strike Challenge 2022 provides a platform for hands-on evaluation of defense industry products & technologies, designed to provide our warfighters and first responders with tools they need to complete any mission. 

Equipage involving response and recovery during Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN), manmade & natural disaster events will be on-hand.
Participants will have the opportunity to participate with demonstration on products that will allow the detection, identification, decontamination, and protection while operating in contaminated environment. Use of surface mobility platforms (ground & water) will provide the participants with various methods to transport personnel into the scene, extraction of first responders and victims in austere environments through both land and maritime environments. 

Command, control, and sustainment is essential during the response and recovery phases of disaster events. Participants will be able to view and assess traditional and non-traditional equipage unique to responders within common operating picture, such as minimized infrastructure. Aspects include remote power generation/restoration, critical communications, SAR & Security team extended sustainment, human survival condition, and other related capabilities to enhance and multiply first response. 

The innovative tactical systems to be on hand during Strike Challenge share common utility with Special Operations components. These shared applications allow for parallel evaluation of the equipage from the unique perspective of the special operator. 

NOTE: There are no implied or expected government acquisitions at Strike Challenge. 

Minimum Salient Requirements/Characteristics of Strike Challenge Technology Demonstration.

All products to be available under the auspices of Strike Challenge shall fundamentally demonstrate the salient, physical, functional, or other characteristics desired as a future or current capability set forth by experienced end-users. The resultant after action may eventually be relied upon to generate or meet the future essential needs of the mobilized warfighter and/or government agent.    

Period of Performance

Period of performance for this dynamic demonstration will be from April 26 through April 28 2022. Exhibitors will be required to be onsite for setup on April the 25th 2022. Attendee travel dates will be April 25 & April 29, 2022.

During the event, all exhibitors are freely encouraged to conduct demonstrations at their assigned Virginia International Raceway (VIR) or Hyco Lake location. Each exhibitor who purchases a demo will be scheduled (program) to conduct their demo for the benefit of all  attendees at a set-aside location. 

Special Considerations & Amenities

1: On-site Logistics & Safety 

  • Limited shuttle transportation will be available for demonstration site-to-site movement. (Travel between VIR & Hyco Lake is approximately 15 minutes). 

  • Lodging & Camping are available at VIR. Lodging also in near by towns of Danville, VA & Roxboro, NC.

  • First responders & ambulance will be available or onsite during the 3-day demonstration. 

2: Direct Interactive Participant Activity



As a part of Strike Challenge, attendees may choose to operate tactical land vehicles, drones & anti-drone technology, watercraft, mounted weapons and specialized DOMOPS/SAR equipment. Operations will involve traversing difficult terrain and obstacles; temporarily occupy, enter and egress through VIR buildings that may be in a variety of physical conditions; handle sensitive, electronic devices; enter, exit, ride, and use military support vehicles; navigate a semi-autonomous vehicle and other unique advanced equipment. Instruction will be provided and specialists will be on-hand to monitor and assist all activity. Attendees that opt to do so must sign a mandatory event waiver. Attendees must also freely and voluntarily assume any and all risk of injury that such activities potentially involve. 


RFH Tactical Mobility's Strike Challenge is solicitating personnel with DOMOPS, Expeditionary Forces, First Responder, Special Operations Forces, and/or Technology RDT&E experience & expertise to assist in the assessment of demonstrated products. If you would like to be considered, please fill out an "Evaluator Application" when registering. You will then be asked to provide further information related to your practical experience. 

NOTE: The sponsors recognize that evaluators are providing support on a "voluntary" basis. As such, evaluators activities will be accomplished during normal event hours. Although, a "Hotwash" opportunity will be provided at the end of each day to review evaluation forms; this is not mandatory. Evaluation forms can be turned in to an IAC representative and reviewed at any time during the day.

If you wish to be an evaluator, please download the "Evaluator Application Form" on the registration page. Fill out the Evaluator application and send it directly to info@strikechallenge.com, then continue to register. If you do not send your application to info@strikechallenge.com, then you will NOT be considered an Evaluator at the Strike Challenge Event.


Strike Challenge welcomes Exhibitors of all kinds. If you wish to have your product evaluated by Government Agents, please be sure to download and fill out the Quad Chart Form and upload it upon your registration. If you wish to be an Exhibitor and NOT get your product evaluated, then you can bypass the Quad Chart Form step. Please be aware that you will not get your product assessed & evaluated by a Government Agent unless you submit your Quad Chart Form upon your registration. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to sponsor RFH Tactical Mobility's 2022 Strike Challenge, please take a moment to review our sponsorship opportunities. If you have any questions or wish to register as a Sponsor, please contact Miss Arian at info@strikechallenge.com

Click the link to view our sponsorship opportunities: Sponsorship Opportunities PDF